Interview with Michael Müller – A picture of the modern city

Interview with Michael Müller – A picture of the modern city

Michael Müller was elected Governing Mayor of Berlin in December 2014. Previously, he was, among other things, Senator for Urban Development and the Environment from 2011 to 2014. Even as Governing Mayor, he has to face the challenges of urban development, which needs solutions to the increasing demands for living space and calls for technologies and ecologically sustainable concepts.

Mr Governing Mayor, what impact do you think Europacity will have on the city?

One can say that the area on Heidestrasse is today one of Berlin’s central future and innovation areas. An urban quarter created there will affect the entire area around the main railway station. The urban character is already visible and will hopefully also serve as a model for other development areas.

How important is the “Berlin Mix” of closely joint living and working areas for the inner city quarters?

Sooner or later, Berliners from all parts of the city will be working in Europacity. And for everyone, leisure time here should also be interesting. The main station will get lively surroundings. This means, creating green, attractive city squares, on the banks of the canal as well, which present the urbanity and liveliness of the quarter. In this way, we create the conditions for Berliners to take ownership of the quarter.

The new quarter is the perfect place to initiate smart city concepts. What would you like to see?

With Europacity, an urban mix of life, home and leisure, becomes an expression of the modern city. And there, smart city concepts will play an increasingly important role. We pursue holistic development concepts aimed at making the city more efficient, technologically advanced, greener, and more socially inclusive. Berlin has great potential for such ideas.

November 2023 | Magazine #11

Die neue Ausgabe ist da

After solving the mystery of the carrot and hammock in the last magazine, we are dedicating our new magazine #11 to the many facets of the district, which is becoming more lively every day. Because now that the completion of Europacity is slowly approaching, the prospering business locations, the elaborate open space design and the Continue reading

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