Our Europacity magazine is published twice a year. From the beginning, we have presented projects, actors, spaces and visions in this publication. You can download each issue and put together your own archive on the topic of Europacity. The spectrum of topics and priorities ranges from the history of the area to the latest planning.

  • November 2023 | Magazine #11

    Experience Europacity: Magazine #11 shows the many facets of a growing neighborhood with lively and varied film sequences!

    After solving the mystery of the carrot and hammock in the last magazine, we are dedicating our new magazine #11 to the many facets of the district, which is becoming more lively every day. Because now that the completion of Europacity is slowly approaching, the prospering business locations, the elaborate open space design and the relaxed atmosphere in the residential streets are coming together to create an urban experience for people of all backgrounds. To illustrate this, for the first time the magazine also contains short film sequences that provide personal insights into life, living and working in Europacity. Take a look!

  • May 2022 | Magazine #10

    Innovative Berlin: Europacity as a location for large companies

    What does Europacity have to do with a carrot and a hammock? The planners from the Cologne office ASTOC find an explanation in this anniversary issue. DKB, KPMG and SAP have chosen Europacity as their location and talk about the innovative Berlin. Also: Landscape architect Martin Rein-Cano in an interview.

    Tags: facts, news, visions
  • December 2021 | Magazine #9

    Europacity: A résumé by the long-serving Senate Building Director

    Regula Lüscher has shaped and accompanied the development of Europacity for over 14 years as Berlin’s Senate Building Director. For this magazine, she gives a summary and talks about urban development, architecture and the vitality of the city. The magazine also reports on the art project between Berlin and Jakarta as well as milestones of many projects.

  • May 2021 | Magazine #8

    The Buildings of Europacity: An Interview with the Architects

    Three architects from three very different buildings in europacity talk about the neighbourhood and their projects. Other topics in the issue: With a new bridge, Otto-Weidt-Platz is starting to take shape, and new life is stirring south of the main train station.

    Tags: facts, news, visions
  • October 2020 | Magazine #7

    New paths through the Europacity

    The individual ensembles of Europacity are growing together. New paths and open spaces have emerged that can be explored on foot. Europacity magazine suggests first walks. Also: An interview with the urban planner Robert Kaltenbrunner and lots of news from the Europacity projects.

    Tags: facts, news, visions
  • April 2020 | Magazine #6

    Many festivals, a lot of progress

    In its sixth edition, Europa Magazin not only reports on the first New Year’s reception in Europacity, it also provides information on new milestones in the progress of the district: with information on the latest topping-out ceremonies and laying the foundation stone and a tour of the completed Wasserstadt Mitte district.

  • September 2019 | Magazine #5

    Innovative traffic solutions

    The fifth issue of our magazine is about innovative traffic solutions for Europacity. The district also piqued interest outside of Germany: We report on how representatives of foreign municipalities look around the area with a professional eye.

  • February 2019 | Magazine #4

    The neighborhood is taking shape

    The fourth edition of Europacity magazine is here! The gaps close in the new city quarter at the main train station, the urban ensemble of Europacity is taking shape. The new issue of the magazine tells you what’s new, what’s coming and where you can stroll.

  • September 2018 | Magazine #3

    The growing city

    Europacity is growing. Between May and September 2018 alone, seven topping-out ceremonies and laying of the foundation stone were celebrated. Michael Müller, Governing Mayor, was a frequent guest. You can read the interview with him in the current issue.

  • February 2018 | Magazine #2

    The people in Europacity

    Interviews and on-site appointments. With information about the 50 Hertz building, the new KPMG headquarters and other pioneers in the area. The latest planning status as well as gastronomy and culture are also topics.

  • June 2017 | Magazine #1

    Plans, protagonists and ensembles

    Europacity: Who is planning which developments here? The booklet introduces the most important ensembles and protagonists, provides information with plans, data and facts and shows in text and image what has already been achieved.