cube berlin at Washington Platz celebrates completion

Some 400 guests had a first glance at the interior of the spectacular office building on the occasion of opening the cube Berlin. 

Located between Berlin’s central station and the Spreebogen, the building with the folded glass façade marks the southern entry to the Europacity. 

The visitors were enthusiastic: Senate building director Regula Lüscher called the cube berlin “great art”, and Andreas Quindt, chairman of CA Immo, added: “With this building we departed along a completely different route both with architecture and digitalisation.”

Torben Østergaard of the Copenhagen architecture firm 3XN, the building’s planners, pointed out that the cube Berlin is something truly “new in the world”: never before has a façade been constructed with the technology applied here. 

Innovation, not only outside, but also in the organisation of the office spaces that completely digital: The subject of future and technology was discussed by the evening’s speaker, Norwegian economics philosopher Anders Indset, with a relaxed and humorous talk accompanied by multi-media presentation. He explored how one can combine the digital in a visionary idea with sociology, ecology and economy. 

Following the talk there was a long period for discussion, DJs supplied music, and guests and hosts again and again turned their eyes through the glass panes toward the Spree, the government quarter and the central station—ultimately the cube supplies a new panorama of the metropolis.