Neighbourhood hot spot: Otto-Weidt-Platz begins to take shape

Otto-Weidt-Platz, the future centre of Europacity, is finally under construction. Named after the owner of a Berlin workshop for the blind who saved many Jewish people's lives during the Nazi era, the new square is destined to become a popular spot to relax with a coffee, go shopping, bump into the neighbours or sunbathe by the waterfront.

In keeping with Berlin's historic ornamental squares, the layout of Otto-Weidt-Platz will feature a mostly green inner section with a perimeter of stone pathways. The square also opens onto the Berlin-Spandau Ship Canal and the waterfront promenade, where wide stone steps lead down to the water.

The Golda-Meir-Steig is a new column-free bridge under construction over the Berlin-Spandau Ship Canal that will extend from the canal's eastern bank into Otto-Weidt-Platz. After completion in spring 2021, pedestrians and cyclists coming from Mitte will have easy access to Europacity via the bridge from Kieler Strasse.

12.01.2020, Berlin, Golda-Meir-Steig

The first pathways on Otto-Weidt-Platz have now been laid, and the first public seating has been installed. The new benches, identical to those on Quartier Heidestrasse's main square, also create a design connection between the two urban quarters on either side of Heidestrasse.

12.01.2020, Berlin, Otto-Weidt-Platz, Wege

The centrepiece of Otto-Weidt-Platz will be a large water feature made of dark granite, with an arrangement stone seating. Appearing to have risen out of the ground, the stone will form a natural contrast to the gentle sprays of water flowing over it, creating a refreshing setting of sights and sounds for visitors and passers-by.

Once the mix of ground-floor retail and green and open spaces has been achieved, Otto-Weidt-Platz will be set to become a popular inner-city meeting place for casual strollers and busy professionals, as well as residents on a break or out shopping.

12.01.2020, Berlin, Otto-Weidt-Platz, Landschaftsarchitektur

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